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Professional Web Development with PHP & MySQL

This course is best for them who know basic html, CSS or basic web design, now you have to learn Professional web development using PHP and SQL with a real time professional project. In this course we have included IT career development in local marketplace and freelancing area. 

Batch Duration

Starting Date : 2nd July, 2020

Last Date of Registration :2nd July, 2020

Class Schedule : 3 Months (60 Hours); Friday & Saturday:- 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Total Hours : 60

Course Curriculum

MODULE 1 – Basic of Website Development


Day 01 / Understanding Database and Database Management Tools

  • Idea about - Web Designing, Web Development, Software Development, Outsourcing, Freelancing.
  • Basic Ideas on - Domain, Hosting, IP, Server, NameServer, Programming Language, Designing Language, Structured Query Language, Framework, CMS, IDE, cPanel, Domain Control Panel, FTP Client, Local Server.
  • Discuss on what we will be Learning in the Web Technology course and how
  • Code Concepts, Program Concepts



Day 02 / Understanding Database and Database Management Tools

  • What is Database; Traditional and Modern way of storing Data.
  • What are the basic Tools for Database Management, Understanding SQLYog
  • Understanding the Interface and Features of PhpMyAdmin; Data Export and Import;
  • Handling Database and Table Structure (Create, Alter, Delete) using PhpMyAdmin
  • Insert, Update, Delete data using PhpMyAdmin; Using Functions from PhpMyAdmin
  • Working with SQLYog; Working on Remote Database Server;

Day 03 / Managing Database and Table Structures in SQL/MySQL

  • MySQL Intro – How, when and where to use MySQL
  • MySQL Connect – How to get connected to MySQL
  • CREATE Database – How to Create Database
  • DROP Database – How to Drop a Database
  • KEYS– Use and Importance of Primary and Unique Key in Database
  • NULL & NOT NULL – Importance & Contradiction of NULL & NOT NULL
  • AUTO-INCREMENT – How to Auto-Increment in Database
  • DEFAULT – MySQL Default and its use
  • DATE – Date, Time and Timestamps in MySQL Database
  • CREATE Table – How to Create Table using MySQL Query and SQLYog
  • ALTER Table – How to Alter Table using MySQL Query and SQLYog
  • DROP Table – How to Drop Table using MySQL Query  and SQLYog

Day 04 / Advanced Queries using SQL/MySQL

  • INSERT INTO – How to insert data in a Data-Tables
  • SELECT – How to select and grab Data from Data-Table (In Different Ways)
  • WHERE – How to select Data from Database using Conditions
  • ORDER BY – How to bring Data from Database in Order
  • GROUP BY – Grouping Database outputs from MySQL
  • UPDATE – How to Update Data in a Data-Table
  • DELETE – How to Delete Data of a Data-Table
  • BASIC JOIN – How to use JOIN and the Importance of it in Database
  • LEFT JOIN – Use of Left Join and its Practices
  • RIGHT JOIN – Use of Right Join and its Practices
  • FULL JOIN – Use of Full Join and its Practices
  • OUTER JOIN – Use of Outer Join and its Practices

Day 05 / Working with Advanced MySQL

  • MySQL Functions – Understanding the Importance of Functions
  • Group By, Having, Count Function
  • Average, Minimum, Maximum, Sum, Length
  • Round, Format, Now Function
  • First, Last, Mid Function
  • UCase, LCase Function
  • Understanding Primary Key, Foreign Key, Reference, and Constrain
  • Implementing Relation, and Creating Relational Database
  • Creating Database of an E-Commerce Website
  • Upload Database on Real Server (cPanel/PhpMyAdmin)

MODULE 3 – PHP (Basics and Advanced)


Day 06 / Learning Basics of PHP

  • Syntax, Print / Echo – Basic concepts on PHP
  • Variables, Data Types, Constants – Data Types and Variables in PHP
  • Operators – Operators in PHP Programming
  • If...Else...Else-If – Different conditional statements in PHP
  • Switch – PHP Switch Case
  • Syntax, Print / Echo – Basic concepts on PHP
  • For Loops and Foreach Loop – Practical implementation of Loop
  • Date – Use of Date functions and their Elements

Day 07 / Learning Advanced Topics in PHP

  • Arrays – Array and multi-dimensional data handling
  • String – Working with Strings using PHP
  • Error, Exception – Error and Exception Handling using PHP
  • Custom Functions – Use of Custom Function Development and its Practical uses
  • Library Functions – Trim, Round, Min, Max etc.
  • Handling HTML Form using PHP – Detailed guideline to use Form in PHP
  • Form Field Validation – Verifying data (Email, URL etc.) that will be accepted by Form
  • File Handling and Upload – Handling File and Uploading File using PHP
  • Form Security – Safety of Submitted Data using HTML Form / Know about SQL Injection
  • User Agent – Identify website’s Visitor Type, whether it is Bot or User

Day 08 / Learning Cookie, Session, Encryption, Class and Object

  • Cookies – How to use Cookies in PHP
  • Sessions – Use of Session, Guideline about Login-Registration System
  • Reading File – Reading File Data in Read/Write Mode by Character or by String
  • Encryption – Data Encryption, Hash, Salt Mechanism
  • Knowing details about Class and Object
  • Understanding Constructor and Destructor
  • Child Class and Inheritance
  • Encapsulation – Private, Public and Protected Data Type
  • Static Variable, Static Function
  • Magic Method - Call, Set and Autoload Function; Concept of NameSpace

Day 09 / Handling Database using PDO; Learning to Parse XML

  • Connect to Database using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Select Data using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Insert Data in Database using PHP MySQLi Class; Get Last Insert ID;
  • Update Data in Database using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Delete Data from Database using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Create Database and Table using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Connect to Database using PDO Class; Understanding Prepared Statement;
  • Select Data from Database; Select Data from Database with Placeholder;
  • Insert Data into Database; Insert Data from Database using Placeholder;
  • Update Data into Database using PDO Class;
  • Delete Data from Database using PDO Class;
  • Handling Error in PDO;
  • Create Table and Database using PDO Class;
  • Parse XML; Show data from XML Data source;

Day 10 / Sending real-time Mail & SMS; Generate PDF & Excel; AJAX Pagination

  • Send Mail using PHP with the help of Apache/SendMail Module; Send SMTP Mail
  • Send SMS using PHP with the help of SMS Gateway, Learn to use cURL
  • Generate PDF using DOM PDF Library; Generate Excel using PHPExcel Library
  • Create Paginated Table using AJAX

Day 11 / Integrate Payment Gateway; Safe File Download; Dynamic Search; Graph

  • Integrate real-time Payment Gateway in your Project
  • Download File without creating any Download Link / Safe File downloading Facility using PHP
  • Use jQuery AJAX, PHP and MySQL to create Dynamic Search; Example of Dropdown
  • Generate Graph (Bar Diagram) using jQuery, PHP and MySQL

MODULE 4 – Professional Project


Day 12 / Preparing all the Designs and Codes for Project

  • Creating and Documenting Requirements
  • Preparing Database for Project
  • Preparing Template for the Project
  • Preparing the Skeleton of the Project (View, Model, Controller)

Day 13 / Professional Web Project – Day 1

  • Create Admin Panel; Login System and Access Level Control;
  • Admin Module - Add Admin, List Admin, Edit Admin Delete Admin;
  • Customer Module P1 – List Customer; Edit Customer Profile; Reset Customer Password
  • Customer Module P2 – List Addresses, Edit Addresses;

Day 14 / Professional Web Project – Day 2

  • Product Module - Add Product, List Product, Edit Product, Delete Product; Set Featured Product;
  • Order Module – List Invoice/Orders, Change Invoice/Order Status; Send Mail on Status Change;
  • Slider Module – Add Slider, Edit Slider, Delete Slider

Day 15 /  Professional Web Project – Day 3

  • Login in the Website
  • Register in the Website; Send Mail on Registration;
  • Access Control in Pages

Day 16 / Professional Web Project – Day 4

  • My Account Page
  • Address Book Page
  • Make Dynamic Menu

Day 17 / Professional Web Project – Day 5

  • Make Category and Sub-Category Pages
  • Make Product Details Page
  • Create Shopping Cart and Shopping Cart Page

Day 18 / Professional Web Project – Day 6

  • Order Submission; Checkout Page
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Send Payment Notification; Generate Invoice
  • Order List Page

Day 19 / Professional Web Project – Day 7

  • Return Management
  • Make different Sections of the Website Dynamic
  • Implementing XML Download of Data List from Admin Panel
  • Understanding the Concepts of: Inventory Management

Day 20 / Know details about Freelancing and Outsourcing

  • How to create UpWork /Freelancer Accounts
  • How to make a 100% Perfect Profile for Freelancing Job
  • Which exams should a person attain to Highlight his Freelancer Portfolio
  • How to receive a job and its Requirements, and start working with it
  • How to Deliver the job and receive Payment
  • What are the scopes of National Level Job Market in Web Technology Sector
  • Some more Tips and Tricks about Web Technology Career
  • Getting ready for Local Market as Job Seeker / Local Freelancer

MODULE 5 - Laravel Framework

  • Introduction to Laravel
  • Laravel Installation
  • Laravel Design Pattern
  • Laravel CRUD Operation
  • Laravel Template Implementation
Nirjhor Anjum

Course Instructor

Nirjhor Anjum

Faculty Head and Consultant

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