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Our Company Dream

PeopleNTech Mission - To Create Skilled Manpower For Students.

Since its inception in 2005, PeopleNTech has more than 6,000 Trained students. PeopleNtech founder Abu Hanip has been committed to life and career change since the beginning attentive At PeopleNTech, we are real-time project oriented We provide training in the method. Our certified trainers With students at every step of their learning process Work closely. At PeopleNTech, we are passionate about learning, And we encourage our students to be the same. your Regardless of previous professional and educational background, if you successfully Complete the training and develop the right skills but few Within months you are IT like our other successful trainees will be employed in the field.

PeopleTech Institute of IT

Our Story

PeopleTech, LLC was formed in 2005 to provide affordable consulting and staffing services to small and medium enterprises to test their applications. Over the past few years, PeopleEnTech has expanded its service capabilities by incorporating diverse expertise into its pool of consultants and embarked on career consultancy to meet the needs of clients on both the employer and job seeker end. Such an endeavor for PeopleTech is a unique experience bringing a fresh realization that rapidly changing demands in technical skills can be effectively met by upskilling potential IT professionals through comprehensive and practical training.

In parallel with the employment agency, consulting and staffing services PeopleEnTech has started in-house training of its consultants and new hires on cutting edge testing, business analysts, project management professionals, database administration and network administration tools that are being used directly on the work desk. . The positive impact of such training results in higher performance for testers, QA analysts, business analysts, project management professionals, database administrators and network administrators.

Based on the success of PeopleNTech in USA, Canada and India, PeopleNTech started their journey in Bangladesh in 2014 with 60+ courses at Dhaka campus. Now, PeopleEnTech Bangladesh is playing an important role in youth skill development by providing direct mid-level jobs and freelancing jobs. In this regard, PeopleNTech Bangladesh is known as the top professional skill development institute in Bangladesh and a global leader in IT and job placement.


Our Goal

Our aim is to provide a learning experience that exceeds expectations and we believe in only practical training methods. We always support our students in their aspirations to never stop learning and never stop growing. Our mission is to meet the growing demand for IT education to stay abreast of the latest technologies and skills.


Our Purpose

Our vision is to serve our students as helping hands to create new horizons for people's career change. To empower the people of the country by ensuring modern and quality training system by harnessing the youth power.

ইঞ্জিনিয়ার আবুবকর হানিপ

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that we are our Clients are in the US mainstream IT world Can help build IT career and so far we are 80 1000 to over 80000 trainees in mainstream IT I was able to get hired. 200k clients per year Satisfaction is the main tool through which we are Measure performance, and we hold ourselves, ours As clients, to the highest quality standards. This is constantly evolving In the marketplace, our top certified trainers by our clients about their own professions

Our most important assets include the broad knowledge base, deep-rooted professionalism and strong commitment of our highly-qualified, diverse staff and trainers. PeopleEnTech, the global leader in IT training and job placement, is at the core of who we are and what we do. From our executive training to our subject matter experts, and quality assurance team to our senior management, the PeopleNTech team is committed to providing the highest quality training and unparalleled service to our clients.

As we continue to grow, each new day gives us an opportunity to work together, pursue new opportunities, and improve upon the past. We establish deep relationships with our clients by learning their needs and capabilities, so that we can offer practical solutions with a clear vision, because we believe that every person in society has talents and we are here to explore them and show them.

Engineer Abubokor Hanip

Founder and CEO

Awards and Recognition

We provide quality services, international courses according to the needs of the times Ensuring modules and advanced environments. So the students PeopleEnTech IT is now on a journey to facilitate a modern career path best of all


U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh Dan Mozena- awarded PeopleNTech in 2014 for contributing in community by teaching Information Technology in Real-time project-based method and employing thousands of Bangladeshis in the IT field from the odd-jobs with the slogan: Build-up IT career in corporate America: No more brain-drain

U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh Dan Mozena- awarded PeopleNTech in 2014
Eng. Abubokor Hanip

Bangladesh Association of Florida- Awarded in 2014 for contributing in the community by helping people learn Information Technology and secure employment.

Bangladesh Association of Florida- Awarded in 2014
Eng. Abubokor Hanip

Our Activities

PeopleNT is led by a talented and skilled dynamic team Aiming to make quality education accessible to all He is with PeopleNTech in various domestic and multinational companies Lots of young dreamers with work experience.

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Our Sister Concerns

We are proud to have some fantastic companies on our side. We are also pleased to introduce our concern that Bangladesh is working to build global human resources.

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