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Advance Web Development with PHP & Laravel

Welcome to the Mastering on Laravel Framework course where you will learn everything related to Laravel. Laravel framework came from the PHP programming language & follows modern PHP’s object-oriented best practices and reduces time-to-market, enabling you to build robust web and API-driven mobile applications. The best part is this application can be automatically tested and deployed. Laravel is among the most popular PHP frameworks that help make this language easier to adopt. PHP is very popular due to its simplicity, speed and scalability and Laravel is a framework of PHP. This framework is widely adopted due to its simple and elegant syntax that eases the development process and simplifies routing, authentication, caching through built in templates, libraries and MVC architecture.

Course Features


Tools, templates and book suggestions


Online and Offline Support


Recorded video


Assessment and Certificate


Total 90 Hours


Job Placement Support

৳ 8000 ৳ 20000

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Course Features

Advance Web Development with PHP & Laravel course is professionally designed with detailed discussions on web design and development, on-hand practice and income guidelines.


Tools, templates and book suggestions


Online and Offline Support


Recorded video


Assessment and Certificate


Total 90 Hours


Job Placement Support

Course Modules

  • What is web development?
  • Basics of Web Development
  • How to host a website?
  • How to connect web application with database on the web
  • Job opportunities
  • Freelancing opportunities of web development

  • MySQL Intro – How, when and where to use
  • MySQL Connect – How to get connected
  • CREATE Database – How to Create Database
  • DROP Database – How to Drop a Database
  • KEYS– Use and Importance of Primary and Unique Key in Database
  • NULL & NOT NULL – Importance & Contradiction of NULL & NOT NULL
  • AUTO-INCREMENT – How to Auto-Increment in Database
  • DEFAULT – MySQL Default and its use
  • DATE – Date, Time and Timestamps in MySQL Database

  • Syntax, Print / Echo – Basic concepts on PHP
  • Variables, Data Types, Constants – Data Types and Variables in PHP
  • Operators – Operators in PHP Programming
  • If...Else...Else-If – Different conditional statements in PHP
  • Switch – PHP Switch Case
  • Syntax, Print / Echo – Basic concepts on PHP
  • For Loops and Foreach Loop – Practical implementation of Loop
  • Date – Use of Date functions and their Elements

  • Arrays – Array and multi-dimensional data handling
  • String – Working with Strings using PHP
  • Error, Exception – Error and Exception Handling using PHP
  • Custom Functions – Use of Custom Function Development and its Practical uses
  • Library Functions – Trim, Round, Min, Max etc.
  • Handling HTML Form using PHP – Detailed guideline to use Form in PHP
  • Form Field Validation – Verifying data (Email, URL etc.) that will be accepted by Form
  • File Handling and Upload – Handling File and Uploading File using PHP
  • Form Security – Safety of Submitted Data using HTML Form / Know about SQL Injection
  • User Agent – Identify website’s Visitor Type, whether it is Bot or User

  • Cookies – How to use Cookies in PHP
  • Sessions – Use of Session, Guideline about Login-Registration System
  • Reading File – Reading File Data in Read/Write Mode by Character or by String
  • Encryption – Data Encryption, Hash, Salt Mechanism
  • Knowing details about Class and Object
  • Understanding Constructor and Destructor
  • Child Class and Inheritance
  • Encapsulation – Private, Public and Protected Data Type
  • Static Variable, Static Function
  • Magic Method - Call, Set and Autoload Function; Concept of NameSpace

  • Connect to Database using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Select Data using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Insert Data in Database using PHP MySQLi Class; Get Last Insert ID;
  • Update Data in Database using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Delete Data from Database using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Create Database and Table using PHP MySQLi Class
  • Connect to Database using PDO Class; Understanding Prepared Statement;
  • Select Data from Database; Select Data from Database with Placeholder;
  • Insert Data into Database; Insert Data from Database using Placeholder;
  • Update Data into Database using PDO Class
  • Delete Data from Database using PDO Class
  • Handling Error in PDO
  • Create Table and Database using PDO Class;

  • Online Quiz
  • Mentoring Session
  • Professional Lab Test

  • Introduction to PHP Framework
  • Why Framework and Why Laravel?
  • Importance of Laravel
  • Laravel Setup
  • Implementation of Laravel
  • Views, Model and Controller
  • Laravel Structure
  • Laravel Route Introduction

  • Overview
  • Environment Configuration
  • Accessing Configuration Values
  • Configuration Caching
  • Debug Mode
  • Maintenance Mode

  • Basic Routing
  • Routing Parameters
  • Named Route
  • Basic routing
  • Route group, prefix, name prefix

- Overview

- Defining Middleware

- Register Middleware

- Middleware Parameters

- Terminable Middleware

- Creating a Controller

- Controllers Middleware

- Resource Controllers

- Constructor Injection

- Retrieving the Request URI

- Retrieving Input

- Authentication

- Authorization

- Encryption

- Hashing

- Password Reset

- Overview

- Query Builder

- Pagination

- Migrations

- Seeding

- Redis

- Introduction

- Eloquent Model Conventions

- Retrieving Models

- Class Test, Quiz, Mentoring

- Class test on Basic on Laravel

- Blog Project Setup

- Admin panel setup

- Templating

- Frontend template setup

- Blog Database Setup

- Table setup (Post Table, category table etc.)

- Database migration

- CRUD Operation

- Basic crud environment setup

- Validation and store the data

- Show, edit and update data

- Delete data from the database

- Verifying a User Email After Registering

- Using Route Middleware in Laravel to Allow Actions Only to Verified Users

- How Works the Password Reset Feature of Laravel

- Allowing to Edit the User's Profile with Laravel

- Editing a User's Profile with Laravel

- Receiving and Handling Files in Laravel User's Profile Image

- Using and Showing the Profile Image Stored for the User's profile

- A complete Blog Project

- Show post from database

- Show category from database

- Show categorize post in the frontend

- Project Plan

- ER Diagram

- Database Setup

- Table setup

- User profile setup

- Client account setup

- Show user profile

- Show client profile

- Password setup admin, user and clients

- Category CRUD

- Supplier CRUD

- Product CRUD

- App

- Creating Coupon

- Applying coupon in the frontend

- Product adjustment

- Order list

- Delivery list of products

- Creating Invoice

- Payment Gateway Integration Sandbox

- Online Payment

- Closing the project

- Due task completion

- Project module checkup

- Project upgradation

- Project Demonstration

- Project Problem and solutions

- Project completion

- Project Problem and solutions

- Project completion

- Full day presentation

- Project Development

- Quiz & Viva

- Job Seminar

- Soft skill development

- Viva, Mock test

- Project work

- Account Branding

- Gig Impression

- Account and gig promotion in social media

- Closing and Certificate Giving Ceremony

- Happy Ending

- Class Party

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Details about the course

The Advanced Web Development course with a focus on PHP and the Laravel framework is designed to equip participants with comprehensive skills and knowledge essential for building sophisticated web applications. Throughout the course, participants will master the fundamentals of PHP programming, delving into variables, control structures, functions, and object-oriented programming concepts. A key objective is to achieve proficiency in leveraging the Laravel framework, gaining expertise in its features such as Eloquent ORM, Blade templating engine, middleware, and artisan command-line tools.

Participants will delve into advanced database integration, learning to design and implement efficient database schemas and relationships. The course places a strong emphasis on RESTful API development, providing participants with the skills to design and implement scalable and interoperable web services. Authentication and authorization mechanisms are explored in-depth, enabling participants to implement robust user security features.

Course Certificate

Get Course Completion and Assessment Certificate at the end of the course

On successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate which will enable you to-

  • Can add to your CV
  • You can share directly on your LinkedIn profile
  • You can share on Facebook with one click

Frequently Asked Questions

এটা তো আসলে ব্যক্তিবিশেষে আলাদা – কারো কম সময় লাগবে, কারো বেশি সময় লাগবে! তবে আশা করা যায়ঃ প্রতি সপ্তাহে গড়ে ১০-১৫ ঘণ্টা করে সময় দিলে আপনি পুরো সিলেবাস শিখে ফেলতে পারবেন।

হ্যাঁ, অবশ্যই। কোর্স শেষে সার্টিফিকেট তো থাকছেই। তবে এজন্য ৬ মাসের ভেতর কোর্স শেষ করতে হবে। কারণ প্রজেক্ট রিভিউর মতো ব্যাপারগুলো এ ৬ মাস পর থাকবে না।

আপনি রেজিস্ট্রেশন করার সাথে সাথে কোর্সের সবগুলো ম্যাটেরিয়াল একসাথে আপনার অ্যাকাউন্টে চলে আসবে। ম্যাটেরিয়াল বলতে ভিডিও, কুইজ, অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট – সব চলে আসবে সাথে সাথেই। আপনার ইচ্ছামতো সেকশন দেখতে পারবেন। লাইভ ক্লাস না হওয়ায় এবং সব ম্যাটেরিয়াল একসাথে পেয়ে যাওয়ায় আপনি আপনার ফ্লেক্সিবিলিটি অনুযায়ী কোর্স করতে থাকবেন।

নির্দিষ্ট কোনো ডিগ্রি রিকোয়্যারমেন্ট নেই। তবে কমপক্ষে এইচএসসি বা সমমানের যোগ্যতা থাকা উচিত। এছাড়া, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) ব্যাকগ্রাউন্ডের শিক্ষার্থীদের জন্য এ কোর্স তুলনামূলকভাবে সহজ হবে। অবশ্য নন-টেকনিক্যাল (যেমন, কমার্স কিংবা আর্টস) ব্যাকগ্রাউন্ডের মানুষরাও এ কোর্স করতে পারবে। পাশাপাশি কয়েকটি বেসিক বিষয় জানতে হবে। যেমন, Basic Algebra সম্পর্কে ভাল ধারণা থাকা। আবার কম্পিউটার চালানো এবং ইন্টারনেট ব্রাউজার ব্যবহারে কমফোর্টেবল হতে হবে। এছাড়া, গুগলে সার্চ করে কোনো টপিক ঘেঁটে দেখার মতো অভ্যাস থাকা উচিত।

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