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Professional Web Development Specialist

Do you know that 80% of the websites worldwide are using PHP Technology? Do you also know that the largest web platforms like Facebook and Wikipedia are also using PHP Technology? In Bangladesh, more than 75% of IT Jobs require PHP Technology. If you also look at the international job market, it is above 65%. Undoubtedly if you learn PHP, you will never be jobless.

Course Features


Course duration is 6 months


Tools, templates and book suggestions


Online and Offline Support


Assessment and Certificate


40+ Classes


40+ Recorded Video


Total 120 Hours


Job Placement Support

৳ 18000 ৳ 30000

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Course Features

Professional Web Development Specialist course is professionally designed with detailed discussions on web design and development, on-hand practice and income guidelines.


Course duration is 6 months


Tools, templates and book suggestions


Online and Offline Support


Assessment and Certificate


40+ Classes


40+ Recorded Video


Total 120 Hours


Job Placement Support

Course Modules

Day One / Knowing the basic terms related to Web Technology

  • Idea about - Web Designing, Web Development, Software Development, Outsourcing, Freelancing.
  • Basic Ideas on - Domain, Hosting, IP, Server, NameServer, Programming Language, Designing Language, Structured Query Language, Framework, CMS, IDE, cPanel, Domain Control Panel, FTP Client, Local Server.
  • Discuss on what we will be Learning in the Web Technology course and how

Day Two / Learning how to use the Software and Tools for Web Development

  • How to use IDEs (NotePad++, NetBeans, PHPStorm, PHPEdit)
  • How to use Local Server Application (XAMPP, WAMP, LAMP, MAMP)
  • How to operate cPanel and Domain Control Panel
  • How to use FTP Clients (CoreFTP, FileZilla)

Day Three / Practicing the Basics of HTML and HTML Pages

  • Elements - Concept of Tags, Code Writing Concepts
  • Attributes - Common Attributes of HTML Tags and their Use
  • Head - Head Elements, and the Contents of Head
  • Paragraph, Headings and Comments - Making Paragraph, Heading etc
  • Blocks -Div, Span, Layout and their Usages in Modern HTML
  • Entities - Character Enteritis, Symbols, their Importance and Use in HTML
  • Lists - Unordered, Ordered, Description Lists and other List Tags
  • An assignment will be Given for the Next Class

Day Four / Practicing Advanced HTMLand Start Designing Pages

  • Formatting - Font Formatting, Different Tags to Format Fonts
  • Colors, Colornames, Colorvalues - Use of Color in HTML
  • Links - Implementation of Links, and Description of Link Attributes
  • Images - Image Tags and its Attributes
  • iFrames - Syntax of iFrame and its Usages
  • Entities - Character Enteritis, their Importance and Use in HTML
  • An assignment will be Given for the Next Class

Day Five / Practicing Basic HTML5 and Designing Pages

  • Tables - Detailed Table Attributes and Uses of Table
  • Forms - Implementation of Forms and Validation of Forms
  • Layouts - Developing the Layout of a Webpage with latest tags of HTML5
  • Canvas - Use of Canvas in drawing Graphics
  • An assignment of Designing a very simple Website for Next Class
  • Day Six / Practicing Advanced HTML5 and Designing Pages

Day Seven / Practicing basic CSS Codes

  • How to and Where to code in CSS
  • ID & Class Selector - Implementation of CSS using ID and Class
  • Style Sheet - Integration of Style Sheets inside HTML
  • Backgrounds - Creating background with CSS
  • Text and Fonts - Text and Font formatting with the help of CSS
  • Lists - Creating List and List contents with CSS
  • Links - Styling hyperlinks

Day Eight / Designing with Advanced CSS3

  • Tables - Creating table designs with CSS
  • Box Model - Margin, Border, Padding, and Content Management
  • Border - Border creation with CSS
  • Outline - Outline, border, contents
  • Margin - Explanation of the use of Margin using CSS
  • Padding - Possible Padding Values, padding Sides and Properties

Day Nine / Designing more Advanced with CSS3

  • Grouping - Grouping and Nesting
  • Dimension - Dimension Concepts in CSS
  • Positioning - Static, Fixed, Relative and Absolute Positioning & Overlapping
  • Navigation Bar - Navigation Bar, Link and Menu Creation
  • CSS3 Font - Using own Font in a Website
  • CSS3 Effects - Shadow Effects using CSS3

Day Ten / Working with Templates

  • What is Theme and what is Template
  • Understanding Readymade/Existing Templates
  • Understanding Bootstrap
  • Customizing Existing Templates

Day Eleven / Understanding JavaScript

  • How to Write JavaScript Code
  • Where to Insert JavaScript
  • Understanding JavaScript Statements
  • Idea on Syntax - Number, String, Expressions, Variables, Operators, Assignments
  • Commenting and its use in JavaScript
  • Data Types - String, Number, Array, Object, Null

Day Twelve / Basic JavaScript

  • Objects - Property, Method
  • Security - Public, Private, Protected, Global
  • Function - Arguments, Returns
  • Events - Event Based Action Handling
  • Strings - Handling Strings
  • Math - Handling Math in JavaScript
  • Arithmetic - Different Arithmetic Operators
  • Dates - Working with Date, Month, Year, Time etc
  • An assignment will be given for Practicing JavaScript

Day Thirteen / More on JavaScript

  • Array - Working with Array
  • 2 Boolean - Working with Boolean Type variables
  • 3 Comparison - Variable Comparison in JavaScript
  • 4 Condition - If Else Statements, other Condition Handling
  • 5 Loop - For, Do/While, While loops
  • 6 Regular Expression
  • 7 Handling Error
  • An assignment will be Given for the Next Class on JavaScript Combined with HTML

Day Fourteen / jQuery, the JavaScript Library

  • Syntax, Selector, Event - Code Syntax, HTML element Selector & Events
  • Hide, Show, Fade - Different effects like Hiding, Showing, Fading
  • Animation - Animate with jQuery
  • Add & Remove - Add and Remove HTML Elements using jQuery
  • Get and Set - Get and Set Class or Classes using jQuery
  • Get() and Post() Method - Send and Retrieve Data within Form and Server

Day Fifteen / Understanding SEO

  • Basics - What is SEO, Types of SEO (Black/White Hat), How Search Engine Works
  • Research and Analysis - Market, Keyword, Competitor, SWOT Research & Analysis
  • SEO Guide for Web Design - Content Guideline, Optimization, Design & Layout, Sitemap
  • Analytics - Google Analytics, Setup, Configure, Understand and Manage
  • Basics on "On-Page Optimization"
  • Domain Names & Suggestions, Popular TLD and Domain Names

Day Sixteen / Basic SEO

  • Meta Tags, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Title, Header, Bold Text, Invisible Text
  • Images and Alt Text Handling, Broken Link Handling, Duplicate Content
  • Internal Link Building, Sitemap Creation and Management, Robots Text
  • Server and Hosting Check, 301 Redirection, 404 Error

Day Seventeen / Advanced SEO

  • Basics on "Off-Page Optimization"
  • Page Rank, Link Popularity, Link Building in Detail, Directory Submission
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Blog Submission, Articles Writing, Posting to Forums
  • Links Exchange, SEO through other Exchanging
  • Keyword Analyzer Tools, Google Tools, Yahoo Tools, Bing Tools
  • Search Engines Tools, Site Tools

Day Eighteen / Basic SMI

  • What is Social Media Integration, What are the Most Popular Social Medias
  • What are the possible types and uses of Social Medias Integration on Websites
  • Facebook Integration - Like Button, Like-box, Facebook Posts on your Website
  • More Facebook Integration - Facebook Comments
  • Twitter Integration - Twitter Follow
  • Google Plus Integration

Day Nineteen / Basics of Photoshop

  • Marquee, Lasso, Slice, Crop, Move Tools and their Practical Use
  • Brush, Pencil, Patch, Stamp, History Tools and their Use
  • Eraser, Blur, Sharpen, Smudge, Dodge, Sponge, Burn Tool and their Use
  • Gradient, Paint Bucket, Different Shape Tools and their Use
  • Selection and Pen Tool
  • Eyedropper, Hand and Zoom Tool
  • Practicing all the Lessons on Image Customization and Development

Day Twenty / Advanced with Photoshop

  • Color, Swatches, Style Window and their Use
  • History Window and its Use
  • Different Type of Brush and their Use
  • Image, Canvas, Pixel, Rotation, Trim, Revert etc Actions
  • Extract, Filter Gallery, Liquefy, Pattern Maker and their Use
  • Different type of Layer and their Use
  • Practicing all the Lessons on Image Customization and Development

Day Twenty-One / Basics of Illustrator

  • Selection Tool, Lasso Tool, Wand Tool, Pen Tool, Line Segment Tool - and their Use
  • Different Shape Tools
  • Brush, Pencil, Eraser etc Tools - and their Use
  • Rotate, Scale, Width, Transform Tool
  • Practicing Illustrator Tools

Day Twenty-Two / Advanced with Illustrator

  • Gradient, Mesh, Eyedropper, Blend Tool
  • Color, Brush, Symbol, Stroke - and their Use
  • Graphics, Appearance, Transparency - and their Use
  • Zoom, Slice, Hand Tool - and their Use
  • Make Visiting Card + Banner + Logo using Illustrator

Day Twenty-Three / Understanding Basic Database and Relational Database

  • What is Database
  • What was the traditional way of storing Data
  • What is the modern technology of storing Data
  • How Database Server and Services help us to store and use Data
  • What are the basic Tools for Database Management, Starting with phpMyAdmin
  • Understanding the Interface and Features of phpMyAdmin and SQLYog

Day Twenty-Four / Understanding SQL Tools and how to operate them

  • Learning the basic features of phpMyAdmin
  • How to Create, Edit, Update, Drop Database from phpMyAdmin
  • How to Create, Edit, Update, Drop Table using phpMyAdmin
  • How to Insert, Update, Delete Data using phpMyAdmin
  • How to Alter Database, Alter Table from phpMyAdmin
  • Creating, Updating, Deleting DB User Privilege and Permission from phpMyAdmin
  • Import and Export Data using phpMyAdmin

Day Twenty-Five / Working with Advanced MySQL using Advanced DB Tools

  • MySQL Intro - How, when and where to use MySQL
  • MySQL Connect - How to get connected to MySQL
  • CREATE Database - How to Create Database
  • DROP Database - How to Drop a Database
  • KEYS- Use and Importance of Primary and Unique Key in Database
  • NULL & NOT NULL - Importance & Contradiction of NULL & NOT NULL
  • AUTO-INCREMENT - How to Auto-Increment in Database
  • DEFAULT - MySQL Default and its use
  • DATE - Date, Time and Timestamps in MySQL Database
  • CREATE Table - How to Create Table using MySQL Query and SQLYog
  • ALTER Table - How to Alter Table using MySQL Query and SQLYog
  • DROP Table - How to Drop Table using MySQL Query and SQLYog

Day Twenty-Six / Working with SQL Basics

  • INSERT INTO - How to insert data in a Data-Tables
  • SELECT - How to select and grab Data from Data-Table (In Different Ways)
  • WHERE - How to select Data from Database using Conditions
  • ORDER BY - How to bring Data from Database in Order
  • GROUP BY - Grouping Database outputs from MySQL
  • UPDATE - How to Update Data in a Data-Table
  • DELETE - How to Delete Data of a Data-Table

Day Twenty-Seven / Working with Advanced MySQL

  • BASIC JOIN - How to use JOIN and the Importance of it in Database
  • LEFT JOIN - Use of Left Join and its Practices
  • RIGHT JOIN - Use of Right Join and its Practices
  • FULL JOIN - Use of Full Join and its Practices
  • OUTER JOIN - Use of Outer Join and its Practices
  • An Exam will be Taken on Practical Use of MySQL

Day Twenty-Eight / Working with Advanced MySQL

  • MySQL Functions - Understanding the Importance of these
  • Group By, Having, Count etc Functions
  • Average, Minimum, Maximum, Sum, Length etc Functions
  • Round, Format etc Functions
  • First Last, Mid etc Functions
  • UCase, LCase etc Functions

Day Twenty-Nine / Learning Basics of PHP

  • Syntax, Print / Echo - Basic concepts on PHP
  • Variables, Data Types, Constants - Data Types and Variables in PHP
  • Operators - Operators in PHP Programming
  • If...Else...Else-If - Different conditional statements in PHP
  • Switch - PHP Switch Case
  • Syntax, Print / Echo - Basic concepts on PHP

Day Thirty / Understanding more about PHP

  • While Loops - Implementation of While loop
  • For Loops - Practical implementation of for loop
  • Arrays - Array and multi-dimensional data handling
  • Date - Use of Date functions and their Elements
  • String - Working with Strings using PHP

Day Thirty / Understanding more Advanced about PHP

  • Error, Exception - Error and Exception Handling using PHP
  • Custom Functions - Use of Custom Function Development and its Practical uses
  • Library Functions - Trim, Round, Min, Max etc.
  • Class and Object - Understanding Class and Object

Day Thirty-One / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Form Handling - on-Page and off-Page form handling Technique
  • Form Validation - Detailed guideline to use Form in PHP
  • Form Required Field Check - Verifying data that will be accepted by Form
  • Submitting, Receiving and Verifying Form Inputs using PHP
  • Dynamic implementation of Forms (Store Data from Form to Database)
  • Showing Practical on Form Development and its Use

Day Thirty-Two / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Form Security - Safety of Submission of Data using HTML Form with the help of PHP
  • 2 Understanding about SQL Injection Prevention
  • 3 Showing Data from Database using PHP and MySQL within HTML Table
  • 4 Understanding basic CRUD and Proceeding for Advanced CRUD
  • 5 Edit and Delete Data from a Printed HTML Table, using PHP and MySQL
  • Taking a Practice session on Working with HTML Forms and PHP

Day Thirty-Three / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Include - PHP Include Concepts / Implement of it in Template Standardization
  • File Handling and Upload - File Handling and Upload using PHP
  • File Upload - Practically Upload Content using an HTML Form and PHP/MySQL
  • File Altering - How to Show File/Contents and Edit or Delete using PHP/MySQL

Day Thirty-Four / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Basic Pagination - Doing only Simple Pagination using PHP/MySQL
  • Advanced Pagination - Using jQuery Table for Pagination with Sorting/Ordering
  • Advanced Pagination - Doing Pagination using AJAX/PHP/MySQL
  • Taking a Practice session on Working with Pagination

Day Thirty-Five / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Cookies - How to use Cookies in PHP
  • Sessions - Use of Session, Guideline about Login-Registration System
  • Signin/Signup - Creating a Professional Login and Registration System
  • Taking a Practice session

Day Thirty-Six / Working Advanced with PHP

  • E-Mail - PHP Email System
  • SMTP Email System - Sending Email Using SMTP Support
  • Email Verification - User Registration Confirmation by Email Verification
  • Understanding about Web Services and API
  • SMS Gateway Integration - Sending SMS using SMS Gateway API

Day Thirty-Seven / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Making a Full Featured Login and Registration System
  • Creating a Password Recovery Page
  • Creating User Account/Profiling System

Day Thirty-Eight / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Creating Online Store
  • Creating a Shopping Cart
  • Integrating Payment Gateway (PayPal as International and SSLCommerz as Local)

Day Thirty-Nine / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Making an Admin Panel with Admin and Sales-Staff/Accounts-Staff etc Access Level
  • Making an Admin Page to manage Order List and Invoice List
  • Making an Admin Page for managing User Accounts

Day Forty/ Working with .HTAccess

  • Basics on .htaccess
  • Introduction - Where to put and how to write codes in htaccess
  • Default and Error Page - How to create Default and Error Page
  • Directory and IP Restriction - How to protect site from visitors
  • Directory Restriction with HTAccess
  • Other Directory Security with HTAccess
  • Bandwidth Usage Optimization with HTAccess

Day Forty-One/ Uploading and Deploying a Project on Live Server

  • How and where to Buy a Domain and Hosting online
  • How to Setup DNS and Domain
  • How to Configure cPanel
  • How to Setup and Configure Database
  • How to Upload and Configure a Web Project

Day Forty-Two/ Know details about Freelancing and Outsourcing

  • How to create oDesk/Freelancer Accounts
  • How to make a 100% Perfect Profile for Freelancing Job
  • Which exams should a person attain to Highlight his Freelancer Portfolio
  • How to receive a job and its Requirements, and start working with it
  • How to Deliver the job and receive Payment
  • What are the scopes of National Level Job Market in Web Technology Sector
  • Some more Tips and Tricks about Web Technology Career

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development

  • Introduction to Laravel
  • Laravel Installation
  • Connecting MySQL
  • Laravel CRUD Operation

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Details about the course

Do you know that 80% of the websites worldwide are using PHP Technology? Do you also know that the largest web platforms like Facebook and Wikipedia are also using PHP Technology? In Bangladesh, more than 75% of IT Jobs require PHP Technology. If you also look at the international job market, it is above 65%. Undoubtedly if you learn PHP, you will never be jobless. 

PeopleNTech is a world-class IT Educational Institution that provides PHP based Web Development Training with industrial project experience. Our experienced trainers are leading in the market who will share their real-life project experiences with the students.

This course curriculum is developed by our Faculty Head who has 20 years of experience in the programming and technology management area. This curriculum is accepted by BASIS/BITM and more than 3000 students already have received training and got jobs after completing the course. 

Course Certificate

Get Course Completion and Assessment Certificate at the end of the course

On successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate which will enable you to-

  • Can add to your CV
  • You can share directly on your LinkedIn profile
  • You can share on Facebook with one click

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হ্যাঁ, অবশ্যই। কোর্স শেষে সার্টিফিকেট তো থাকছেই। তবে এজন্য ৬ মাসের ভেতর কোর্স শেষ করতে হবে। কারণ প্রজেক্ট রিভিউর মতো ব্যাপারগুলো এ ৬ মাস পর থাকবে না।

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নির্দিষ্ট কোনো ডিগ্রি রিকোয়্যারমেন্ট নেই। তবে কমপক্ষে এইচএসসি বা সমমানের যোগ্যতা থাকা উচিত। এছাড়া, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) ব্যাকগ্রাউন্ডের শিক্ষার্থীদের জন্য এ কোর্স তুলনামূলকভাবে সহজ হবে। অবশ্য নন-টেকনিক্যাল (যেমন, কমার্স কিংবা আর্টস) ব্যাকগ্রাউন্ডের মানুষরাও এ কোর্স করতে পারবে। পাশাপাশি কয়েকটি বেসিক বিষয় জানতে হবে। যেমন, Basic Algebra সম্পর্কে ভাল ধারণা থাকা। আবার কম্পিউটার চালানো এবং ইন্টারনেট ব্রাউজার ব্যবহারে কমফোর্টেবল হতে হবে। এছাড়া, গুগলে সার্চ করে কোনো টপিক ঘেঁটে দেখার মতো অভ্যাস থাকা উচিত।

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