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Certified Python Programmer - Associate (CPPA)

Welcome to Python training in Bangladesh, the best training program on the Certified Python Programmer (Associate) to ensure the best result from the certification exam.

For any programmer, learning Python is learning the core programming language & first time in Bangladesh PeopleNTech is offering Python training in Bangladesh. Python is a widely used, object-orientated, interpreted & high-level programming language. Most of the time programmers use Python for general-purpose programming since it has dynamic semantics.

Batch Duration

Starting Date : 21st June, 2021

Last Date of Registration :20th June, 2021

Class Schedule : 2 Months; Monday, Wednesday:- 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Total Hours : 40

Course Curriculum

Basics in Python

  1. What is Python?
  2. How to write the Codes in Python?
  3. What are the tools required to start programming in Python?
  4. How is the syntax of Python?
  5. What are the variable types in Python?
  6. How to handle numbers in Python?
  7. How to do Casting in Python?
  8. How to handle Strings in Python?
  9. What is Operator and how to handle Operators in Python?
  10. What is List in Python? How to manage it?
  11. What is Tuple in Python, and how to work with Tuple?
  12. How to work with Sets in Python?
  13. What is Dictionary in Python?

Advanced Topics in Python

  1. How to manage If Else Statement in Python
  2. How to work with While Loop in Python?
  3. How to work with For Loop in Python?
  4. How to work effectively with Function in Python?
  5. What is Lambda?
  6. What is Array, and how to use it?
  7. How to work with Class and Objects in Python?
  8. What is Iterator in Python?
  9. How to work with Modules in Python?
  10. How to handle Dates in Python?
  11. How to deal with JSON Data in Python?
  12. What is PIP?
  13. How to handle Errors using Try Except in Python?
  14. How to handle Files in Python?
  15. How to Read Files using Python?
  16. How to Create and Write Files using Python?
  17. How to Delete files in Python?

Learning MySQL Database

  1. What is MySQL?
  2. How to work on MySQL Database using PhpMyAdmin?
  3. How to manage Database in MySQL?
  4. How to manage Table in MySQL?
  5. How to manage Value in MySQL?

How to make Project with Python and MySQL Database

  1. How to Create Database with Python? 
  2. How to Create Table using with Python? 
  3. How to Insert Data with Python? 
  4. How to Select Data with Python in many ways?
  5. How to Update Data with Python? 
  6. How to Delete Data with Python?
  7. How to manage Join Query with Python? 
Md. Mahbubur Rahman

Course Instructor

Md. Mahbubur Rahman

Sr. Faculty

Admission Open

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Course Fee : ৳ 15000

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