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PGD on Microsoft Web Application Development

In this course, you will be building a website from scratch using the latest version of Microsoft's ASP.NET Core framework. You will get there by learning about major topics like explaining .NET Core, learning the basics of web technologies like C#, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, JQuery, XML, ASP .Net, Asp .Net MVC, AngularJs, Angular10, SignalR, WCF, Web API and suported Reporting Tools(Crystal Report, RDLC, Fast Report etc). You'll also be exploring technologies inside of ASP.NET Core like

  • Entity Framework Core
  • ASP.NET Identity
  • MS SQL Server
  • Building APIs with ASP.NET MVC

Deploying your app to the server or the cloud

In addition, you'll be building an Angular10 application to show you how to mix server and client-side development in ASP.NET Core.

By the end of this course, you will be able to build websites and APIs using ASP.NET Core.

Before you begin, make sure you are already familiar with C#. Exposure to Visual Studio would help too but is not required.

After this course, you'll have a very basic understanding of all the technologies used, but would benefit from moving on to more in-depth courses on AngularJs, Angular, API design, and web development. I hope you'll join me, and I look forward to helping you on your learning journey here at Pluralsight.

Batch Duration

Starting Date : 26th September, 2021

Last Date of Registration :25th September, 2021

Class Schedule : Days: Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday Time: 07:00 PM – 09:30 PM

Total Hours : 360

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Programming with C# [20 classes = 40 hours]

Part I Introduction [1 classes = 2 hours]

1. Writing Programs
     Structure of a Program
     Simple Statements
     Complex Statements
2. Controlling Program Flow
     Conditional Instructions
     Boolean Expressions
3. Making Decisions in Code
     if Statements
     Complex if Statements
     switch statements
4. Using Loops
     for statements
     Nested for Loops
     foreach statements
     while statements
     do-while statements

Part 2 TYPE SYSTEM [1 classes = 2 hours]

5. Creating Value Types
     Predefined Value Types
     Data Structures
     Enumerations

6. Creating Reference Types
     Modifiers
     Defining Fields
     Constructors
     Methods
                → Overloaded Methods
                → Abstract and Overridden Methods
                → Extension Methods
                → Optional and Named Parameters

7. Encapsulation

     Properties
     Enforced Encapsulation by Using Properties
     Indexed Properties

8. Understanding Generic Types and Generic Methods

     Generic Types
     Generic Types
     Generic Methods
     Generic Methods

Part 3 USING TYPES [1 classes = 2 hours]

9.     Converting Between Types

     Widening and Narrowing Conversions
     Implicit and Explicit Conversions
     Casting
          → The is Operator
          → The as Operator
          → Casting Arrays

 Converting Values
    → Parsing Methods
    → System.Convert
    → System.BitConverter
 Boxing and Unboxing Value Types
 Interoperability with Unmanaged Code
 Handling Dynamic Types

10.     Manipulating Strings

 Strings
 String Constructors
 String Fields and Properties
 String Methods
 Additional String Classes
     → StringBuilder
     → StringWriter
     → StringReader
 Formatting Values
     → ToString
     → String.Format
     → Formatting Strings


  1. Inheriting from a Base Class




Course Instructor


Sr. Faculty (C# .Net )

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Course Fee : ৳ 100000

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