Post Graduate Diploma in Microsoft Web Application Development

In this course, you will be building a website from scratch using the latest version of Microsoft's ASP.NET Core framework. You will get there by learning about major topics like explaining .NET Core, learning the basics of web technologies like C#, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, JQuery, XML, ASP .Net, Asp .Net MVC, AngularJs, Angular10, SignalR, WCF, Web API and suported Reporting Tools(Crystal Report, RDLC, Fast Report etc). You'll also be exploring technologies inside of ASP.NET Core like

  • Entity Framework Core
  • ASP.NET Identity
  • MS SQL Server
  • Building APIs with ASP.NET MVC

Deploying your app to the server or the cloud

In addition, you'll be building an Angular10 application to show you how to mix server and client-side development in ASP.NET Core.

By the end of this course, you will be able to build websites and APIs using ASP.NET Core.

Before you begin, make sure you are already familiar with C#. Exposure to Visual Studio would help too but is not required.

After this course, you'll have a very basic understanding of all the technologies used, but would benefit from moving on to more in-depth courses on AngularJs, Angular, API design, and web development. I hope you'll join me, and I look forward to helping you on your learning journey here at Pluralsight.

Batch Duration

Starting Date : 10th January, 2024

Last Date of Registration :29th December, 0023

Class Schedule : Days: Saturday/Monday/Wednesday Time: 07:00 PM –10:00 PM

Total Hours : 360

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Programming with C# [20 classes = 40 hours]

Part I Introduction [1 classes = 2 hours]

Part 2 TYPE SYSTEM [1 classes = 2 hours]

Part 3 USING TYPES [1 classes = 2 hours]



Module 2: Programming with SQL SERVER 2019 [20 Class=40 hours]

Part 1 Set up the computer for SQL Server 2019 and an introduction to relational databases and SQL

Part 2 How to create a database and its tables with SQL Statement

Part 3 How to design a database (With real-life project)

Part 4 How to code scripts

Part 5 How to work with data types

Part 6 How to insert, update and delete data

Part 7 How to retrieve data from a single table

Part 8 How to retrieve data from two or more tables

Part 9 How to code summary queries

Part 10 How to code subqueries

Part 11 How to work with views

Part 12 How to work with functions

Part 13 How to code stored procedures, functions, and triggers

Part 14 How to manage transactions and locking

Part 15 How to manage database security


Module 3: HTML CSS & JavaScript/jQuery [20 classes 40 hour]

HTML5 and CSS3

Unit 1 - Introduction to HTML

Unit 2 - CSS3 in Depth –Level 1

Unit 3 - Introduction to HTML5

Unit 4 - HTML5 Features

Unit 5 - Advanced HTML5 Features


Unit I: JavaScript Fundamentals

Unit II: Applying JavaScript

Unit III: Integrating JavaScript into Design

Unit IV: AJAX and Server-Side Integration

Unit V: jQuery

Module 4: ASP.NET [10 Class=20 hours] From: Intermediate to advanced

Introduction to ASP.NET [1class = 2 Hours]

Web Forms Architecture [1 class=2 hour]

ASP.NET and HTTP [2 classes = 4 Hours]

Web Applications Using Visual Studio [1 class = 2 hour]

State Management and Web Applications [1 class= 2 hour]

Server Controls [3 class = 6 hours]

Evaluation [1 class= 2 hour]

Caching in ASP.NET [1 class = 2 hour]

NET Configuration and Security Fundamentals [2 classes = 4 hours]

Debugging, Diagnostics and Error Handling [1 class= 2 hour]

More Server Controls [1 class= 2 hour]

Evaluation [1 class= 2 hour]

NET and LINQ [2 classes = 4 hours]

Data Access in AP.NET [3 classes= 6 hour]

Personalization and Security [3 classes= 6 hours]

Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX [3 classes= 6 hours]

HTTP Pipeline [1 class= 2 hour]

Deploying [1 class= 2 hour]

Evaluation [1 class= 2 hour]


Module 5: MVC [20 class= 40 hours]


ASP.NET MVC Architecture


Controllers and Actions


HTML Helpers

Data Validation

Authentication and Authorization


Web API 2

Building a Rich Client-side UI

Mobile Clients



Module 6: Getting Started with Entity Framework 6 Code First using MVC 5 [[5 class= 10 hours]]

Getting Started with Entity Framework 6 Code First using MVC 5 [5 class= 10 hours]

Module 7: SignalR [5 class=10 hour]

Internet, asynchrony, multiuser, HTTP & SignalR

Persistent connections


Real-time multiplatform applications

Module 8: ASP .Net Core [25 class= 50 hours]

Introduction to .NET Core


Introduction to ASP.NET Core

Visual Studio Project Templates

Model, View, Controller & Actions

Razor View Engine

Routes & URLs


Server-side Data Receiving Ways

Reusable UI Components

ViewModel & Validation

Custom Validation

Data Passing Techniques

Introduction to Web API

Web API Controller & Actions

Database Operations and Postman



Module 9: Advanced Web Application Development with AngularJS [10 class= 20 hours]


Conceptual Overview

Data Binding




Dependency Injection








Component Router



HTML Compiler


Module 10: Modern API Design with ASP.NET Core [6 class= 12 hours]

API Design Demystified and Introduction to ASP.NET Core

Your First API Application and Extensibility Architecture


The Configuration Model

Logging and Error Handling

Securing APIs and Bells & Whistles

Testing & Debugging and Hosting & Deployment

Module 11: WCF Service [3 class= 6 hours]

WCF Data Service and WCF REST Service

Module 12: Final Project

Project Name:

Using Tools:


Project Implementation Details:


Course Instructor


Sr. Faculty (C# .Net )

Admission Open

40000৳ OFF

Course Fee : ৳ 100000

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