MERN Full STACK Development Training

In our everyday lives, websites & web applications are much more essential. Around 252,000 websites are created daily. So there are a lot of chances to get your hands on it if you know how to do it. To ensure job safety and earn a handsome amount of money there are no other options than learning website Development. And to learn it from the front-end (client side) to the back-end (server side) MERN Stack Development is the best option to choose.

MERN stack is a collection of technologies that enable faster application development. It is used by developers all over the world. The main purpose of using the MERN stack is to develop apps using JavaScript only. This is because the four technologies that make up the technology stack are all JS-based. Thus, if one knows JavaScript (and JSON), the backend, frontend, and database can be operated easily. And for JavaScript, an incredible 97.9% of websites use it in some form or another.

Batch Duration

Starting Date : 15th December, 2023

Last Date of Registration :12th December, 2023

Class Schedule : Friday and Saturday( 6:00 PM-9:00 PM)

Total Hours : 160

Course Curriculum

Introduction to MERN Stack Development

Overview of the MERN stack and its inherent advantages

Definition and components of the MERN stack

Setting up the development environment

Constructing a foundational Hello World application

Introducing Frameworks based coding structure

Backend Development with Node.js and Express.js

Introduction to Node.js and its core principles

Constructing RESTful APIs with js

Handling HTTP requests and responses

Establishing connections to MongoDB using Mongoose

Exercising familiar concept with Mongoose

Exploring Google Firebase and io

Database Design and Management with MongoDB

Understanding NoSQL databases and the MongoDB ecosystem

Designing efficient database schemas using Mongoose

Querying and manipulating data effectively with MongoDB

Implementing data validation and index optimization techniques

Understanding GROQ and GraphQL for Sanity Studio

Frontend Development with React

Introduction to Reactjs and its fundamental concepts

Building reusable and modular components

Managing component state and leveraging props

Implementing routing within a React application

Integrating next.js latest version

Understanding next.js ecosystem and app directory

Getting an overview of how Typescript works

State Management with Redux or React Context

Exploring the need for state management in complex applications

Implementing Redux or React Context for global state management

Setting up configure Store and Provider to start with

Performing actions and dispatching reducers seamlessly

Implementing Redux-persist to control the State & Action in real-time

User Authentication and Authorization

Introduction to essential authentication and authorization concepts

Implementing user registration and login functionality

Securing routes and restricting access using JWT

Managing user sessions and tokens effectively

Managing OAuth using Nextauth (authjs)

Load User & Set Auth Token

Advanced Backend Development Techniques

Integrating Nextjs server management

Adopting fundamental backend structure

Managing Payment Gateway using js

Integrating email notifications with services like Nodemailer or SendGrid

Working with third-party APIs seamlessly

Implementing error handling and logging strategies in js

Advanced Frontend Development Techniques

Constructing dynamic forms with robust validation mechanisms

Consuming RESTful APIs from the frontend effectively

Creating APIs from scratch with Nextjs server

Implementing authentication and authorization mechanisms in React

Incorporating data pagination and filtering techniques

Creating dynamic search field

Developing mobile applications utilizing React Native or Expo

React Native Fundamentals

Setting up the Android & IOS environment

Creating an e-commerce application

Debugging React Native

React Native Navigation & Screens

React Native Best Practices

React Native AsyncStorage and Animation

React Native Styling with Nativewind

Integrating Payments with Stripe API

Distributing App to App and Google Play Store

Deployment and Continuous Integration

Managing Deployment through Github or CPanel

Project Deployment in Vercel and Netlify

Exploring Vercel Build & Development Settings

Creating database integrations in Vercel

Understanding Environment Variables impact on each build

Project Completion

E-commerce - Amazon Clone

E-commerce - Local Market

Chatting Application

Blog Application

Mobile Application

Business Dashboard

Personal Portfolio

Noor Mohammad

Course Instructor

Noor Mohammad

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Course Fee : ৳ 60000

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