Professional Web Development Specialist

Professional Web Development Specialist (PWDS) is an advanced course for those who want to develop their careers in the web development sector.

Batch Duration

Starting Date : 15th December, 2023

Last Date of Registration :13th December, 2023

Class Schedule : Friday and Saturday: 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Total Hours : 120

Course Curriculum

MODULE 1 - Introduction to Web Technology

Day One / Knowing the basic terms related to Web Technology

  • Idea about - Web Designing, Web Development, Software Development, Outsourcing, Freelancing.
  • Basic Ideas on - Domain, Hosting, IP, Server, NameServer, Programming Language, Designing Language, Structured Query Language, Framework, CMS, IDE, cPanel, Domain Control Panel, FTP Client, Local Server.
  • Discuss on what we will be Learning in the Web Technology course and how

Day Two / Learning how to use the Software and Tools for Web Development

  • How to use IDEs (NotePad++, NetBeans, PHPStorm, PHPEdit)
  • How to use Local Server Application (XAMPP, WAMP, LAMP, MAMP)
  • How to operate cPanel and Domain Control Panel
  • How to use FTP Clients (CoreFTP, FileZilla)


Day Three / Practicing the Basics of HTML and HTML Pages

  • Elements - Concept of Tags, Code Writing Concepts
  • Attributes - Common Attributes of HTML Tags and their Use
  • Head - Head Elements, and the Contents of Head
  • Paragraph, Headings and Comments - Making Paragraph, Heading etc
  • Blocks -Div, Span, Layout and their Usages in Modern HTML
  • Entities - Character Enteritis, Symbols, their Importance and Use in HTML
  • Lists - Unordered, Ordered, Description Lists and other List Tags
  • An assignment will be Given for the Next Class

Day Four / Practicing Advanced HTMLand Start Designing Pages

  • Formatting - Font Formatting, Different Tags to Format Fonts
  • Colors, Colornames, Colorvalues - Use of Color in HTML
  • Links - Implementation of Links, and Description of Link Attributes
  • Images - Image Tags and its Attributes
  • iFrames - Syntax of iFrame and its Usages
  • Entities - Character Enteritis, their Importance and Use in HTML
  • An assignment will be Given for the Next Class

Day Five / Practicing Basic HTML5 and Designing Pages

  • Tables - Detailed Table Attributes and Uses of Table
  • Forms - Implementation of Forms and Validation of Forms
  • Layouts - Developing the Layout of a Webpage with latest tags of HTML5
  • Canvas - Use of Canvas in drawing Graphics
  • An assignment of Designing a very simple Website for Next Class

Day Six / Practicing Advanced HTML5 and Designing Pages

  • HTML Object - How to support HTML Plugins using Objects
  • HTML Audio - How to integrate Audio File/Player using HTML
  • HTML Video - How to integrate Video File/Player using HTML
  • HTML Video Stream - How to integrate Streaming Video from YouTube
  • An assignment of Designing a very simple Website for Next Class


Day Seven / Practicing basic CSS Codes

  • How to and Where to code in CSS
  • ID & Class Selector - Implementation of CSS using ID and Class
  • Style Sheet - Integration of Style Sheets inside HTML
  • Backgrounds - Creating background with CSS
  • Text and Fonts - Text and Font formatting with the help of CSS
  • Lists - Creating List and List contents with CSS
  • Links - Styling hyperlinks

Day Eight / Designing with Advanced CSS3

  • Tables - Creating table designs with CSS
  • Box Model - Margin, Border, Padding, and Content Management
  • Border - Border creation with CSS
  • Outline - Outline, border, contents
  • Margin - Explanation of the use of Margin using CSS
  • Padding - Possible Padding Values, padding Sides and Properties

Day Nine / Designing more Advanced with CSS3

  • Grouping - Grouping and Nesting
  • Dimension - Dimension Concepts in CSS
  • Positioning - Static, Fixed, Relative and Absolute Positioning & Overlapping
  • Navigation Bar - Navigation Bar, Link and Menu Creation
  • CSS3 Font - Using own Font in a Website
  • CSS3 Effects - Shadow Effects using CSS3

Day Ten / Working with Templates

  • What is Theme and what is Template
  • Understanding Readymade/Existing Templates
  • Understanding Bootstrap
  • Customizing Existing Templates

MODULE 4 - JavaScript and jQuery

Day Eleven / Understanding JavaScript

  • How to Write JavaScript Code
  • Where to Insert JavaScript
  • Understanding JavaScript Statements
  • Idea on Syntax - Number, String, Expressions, Variables, Operators, Assignments
  • Commenting and its use in JavaScript
  • Data Types - String, Number, Array, Object, Null

Day Twelve / Basic JavaScript

  • Objects - Property, Method
  • Security - Public, Private, Protected, Global
  • Function - Arguments, Returns
  • Events - Event Based Action Handling
  • Strings - Handling Strings
  • Math - Handling Math in JavaScript
  • Arithmetic - Different Arithmetic Operators
  • Dates - Working with Date, Month, Year, Time etc
  • An assignment will be given for Practicing JavaScript

Day Thirteen / More on JavaScript

  • Array - Working with Array
  • 2 Boolean - Working with Boolean Type variables
  • 3 Comparison - Variable Comparison in JavaScript
  • 4 Condition - If Else Statements, other Condition Handling
  • 5 Loop - For, Do/While, While loops
  • 6 Regular Expression
  • 7 Handling Error
  • An assignment will be Given for the Next Class on JavaScript Combined with HTML

Day Fourteen / jQuery, the JavaScript Library

  • 1 Syntax, Selector, Event - Code Syntax, HTML element Selector & Events
  • 2 Hide, Show, Fade - Different effects like Hiding, Showing, Fading
  • 3 Animation - Animate with jQuery
  • 4 Add & Remove - Add and Remove HTML Elements using jQuery
  • 5 Get and Set - Get and Set Class or Classes using jQuery
  • 6 Get() and Post() Method - Send and Retrieve Data within Form and Server

MODULE 5 - Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Integration

Day Fifteen / Understanding SEO

  • Basics - What is SEO, Types of SEO (Black/White Hat), How Search Engine Works
  • Research and Analysis - Market, Keyword, Competitor, SWOT Research & Analysis
  • SEO Guide for Web Design - Content Guideline, Optimization, Design & Layout, Sitemap
  • Analytics - Google Analytics, Setup, Configure, Understand and Manage
  • Basics on "On-Page Optimization"
  • Domain Names & Suggestions, Popular TLD and Domain Names

Day Sixteen / Basic SEO

  • Meta Tags, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Title, Header, Bold Text, Invisible Text
  • Images and Alt Text Handling, Broken Link Handling, Duplicate Content
  • Internal Link Building, Sitemap Creation and Management, Robots Text
  • Server and Hosting Check, 301 Redirection, 404 Error

Day Seventeen / Advanced SEO

  • Basics on "Off-Page Optimization"
  • Page Rank, Link Popularity, Link Building in Detail, Directory Submission
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Blog Submission, Articles Writing, Posting to Forums
  • Links Exchange, SEO through other Exchanging
  • Keyword Analyzer Tools, Google Tools, Yahoo Tools, Bing Tools
  • Search Engines Tools, Site Tools

Day Eighteen / Basic SMI

  • What is Social Media Integration, What are the Most Popular Social Medias
  • What are the possible types and uses of Social Medias Integration on Websites
  • Facebook Integration - Like Button, Like-box, Facebook Posts on your Website
  • More Facebook Integration - Facebook Comments
  • Twitter Integration - Twitter Follow
  • Google Plus Integration

MODULE 6 - Photoshop and Illustrator

ay Nineteen / Basics of Photoshop

  • Marquee, Lasso, Slice, Crop, Move Tools and their Practical Use
  • Brush, Pencil, Patch, Stamp, History Tools and their Use
  • Eraser, Blur, Sharpen, Smudge, Dodge, Sponge, Burn Tool and their Use
  • Gradient, Paint Bucket, Different Shape Tools and their Use
  • Selection and Pen Tool
  • Eyedropper, Hand and Zoom Tool
  • Practicing all the Lessons on Image Customization and Development

Day Twenty / Advanced with Photoshop

  • Color, Swatches, Style Window and their Use
  • History Window and its Use
  • Different Type of Brush and their Use
  • Image, Canvas, Pixel, Rotation, Trim, Revert etc Actions
  • Extract, Filter Gallery, Liquefy, Pattern Maker and their Use
  • Different type of Layer and their Use
  • Practicing all the Lessons on Image Customization and Development

Day Twenty-One / Basics of Illustrator

  • Selection Tool, Lasso Tool, Wand Tool, Pen Tool, Line Segment Tool - and their Use
  • Different Shape Tools
  • Brush, Pencil, Eraser etc Tools - and their Use
  • Rotate, Scale, Width, Transform Tool
  • Practicing Illustrator Tools

Day Twenty-Two / Advanced with Illustrator

  • Gradient, Mesh, Eyedropper, Blend Tool
  • Color, Brush, Symbol, Stroke - and their Use
  • Graphics, Appearance, Transparency - and their Use
  • Zoom, Slice, Hand Tool - and their Use
  • Make Visiting Card + Banner + Logo using Illustrator


Day Twenty-Three / Understanding Basic Database and Relational Database

  • What is Database
  • What was the traditional way of storing Data
  • What is the modern technology of storing Data
  • How Database Server and Services help us to store and use Data
  • What are the basic Tools for Database Management, Starting with phpMyAdmin
  • Understanding the Interface and Features of phpMyAdmin and SQLYog

Day Twenty-Four / Understanding SQL Tools and how to operate them

  • Learning the basic features of phpMyAdmin
  • How to Create, Edit, Update, Drop Database from phpMyAdmin
  • How to Create, Edit, Update, Drop Table using phpMyAdmin
  • How to Insert, Update, Delete Data using phpMyAdmin
  • How to Alter Database, Alter Table from phpMyAdmin
  • Creating, Updating, Deleting DB User Privilege and Permission from phpMyAdmin
  • Import and Export Data using phpMyAdmin

Day Twenty-Five / Working with Advanced MySQL using Advanced DB Tools

  • MySQL Intro - How, when and where to use MySQL
  • MySQL Connect - How to get connected to MySQL
  • CREATE Database - How to Create Database
  • DROP Database - How to Drop a Database
  • KEYS- Use and Importance of Primary and Unique Key in Database
  • NULL & NOT NULL - Importance & Contradiction of NULL & NOT NULL
  • AUTO-INCREMENT - How to Auto-Increment in Database
  • DEFAULT - MySQL Default and its use
  • DATE - Date, Time and Timestamps in MySQL Database
  • CREATE Table - How to Create Table using MySQL Query and SQLYog
  • ALTER Table - How to Alter Table using MySQL Query and SQLYog
  • DROP Table - How to Drop Table using MySQL Query and SQLYog

Day Twenty-Six / Working with SQL Basics

  • INSERT INTO - How to insert data in a Data-Tables
  • SELECT - How to select and grab Data from Data-Table (In Different Ways)
  • WHERE - How to select Data from Database using Conditions
  • ORDER BY - How to bring Data from Database in Order
  • GROUP BY - Grouping Database outputs from MySQL
  • UPDATE - How to Update Data in a Data-Table
  • DELETE - How to Delete Data of a Data-Table

Day Twenty-Seven / Working with AdvancedMySQL

  • BASIC JOIN - How to use JOIN and the Importance of it in Database
  • LEFT JOIN - Use of Left Join and its Practices
  • RIGHT JOIN - Use of Right Join and its Practices
  • FULL JOIN - Use of Full Join and its Practices
  • OUTER JOIN - Use of Outer Join and its Practices
  • An Exam will be Taken on Practical Use of MySQL

Day Twenty-Eight / Working with Advanced MySQL

  • MySQL Functions - Understanding the Importance of these
  • Group By, Having, Count etc Functions
  • Average, Minimum, Maximum, Sum, Length etc Functions
  • Round, Format etc Functions
  • First Last, Mid etc Functions
  • UCase, LCase etc Functions

MODULE 8 - PHP (Basics and Advanced)

Day Twenty-Nine / Learning Basics of PHP

  • Syntax, Print / Echo - Basic concepts on PHP
  • Variables, Data Types, Constants - Data Types and Variables in PHP
  • Operators - Operators in PHP Programming
  • If...Else...Else-If - Different conditional statements in PHP
  • Switch - PHP Switch Case
  • Syntax, Print / Echo - Basic concepts on PHP

Day Thirty / Understanding more about PHP

  • While Loops - Implementation of While loop
  • For Loops - Practical implementation of for loop
  • Arrays - Array and multi-dimensional data handling
  • Date - Use of Date functions and their Elements
  • String - Working with Strings using PHP

Day Thirty / Understanding more Advanced about PHP

  • Error, Exception - Error and Exception Handling using PHP
  • Custom Functions - Use of Custom Function Development and its Practical uses
  • Library Functions - Trim, Round, Min, Max etc.
  • Class and Object - Understanding Class and Object

Day Thirty-One / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Form Handling - on-Page and off-Page form handling Technique
  • Form Validation - Detailed guideline to use Form in PHP
  • Form Required Field Check - Verifying data that will be accepted by Form
  • Submitting, Receiving and Verifying Form Inputs using PHP
  • Dynamic implementation of Forms (Store Data from Form to Database)
  • Showing Practical on Form Development and its Use

Day Thirty-Two / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Form Security - Safety of Submission of Data using HTML Form with the help of PHP
  • 2 Understanding about SQL Injection Prevention
  • 3 Showing Data from Database using PHP and MySQL within HTML Table
  • 4 Understanding basic CRUD and Proceeding for Advanced CRUD
  • 5 Edit and Delete Data from a Printed HTML Table, using PHP and MySQL
  • Taking a Practice session on Working with HTML Forms and PHP

Day Thirty-Three / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Include - PHP Include Concepts / Implement of it in Template Standardization
  • File Handling and Upload - File Handling and Upload using PHP
  • File Upload - Practically Upload Content using an HTML Form and PHP/MySQL
  • File Altering - How to Show File/Contents and Edit or Delete using PHP/MySQL

Day Thirty-Four / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Basic Pagination - Doing only Simple Pagination using PHP/MySQL
  • Advanced Pagination - Using jQuery Table for Pagination with Sorting/Ordering
  • Advanced Pagination - Doing Pagination using AJAX/PHP/MySQL
  • Taking a Practice session on Working with Pagination

Day Thirty-Five / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Cookies - How to use Cookies in PHP
  • Sessions - Use of Session, Guideline about Login-Registration System
  • Signin/Signup - Creating a Professional Login and Registration System
  • Taking a Practice session

Day Thirty-Six / Working Advanced with PHP

  • E-Mail - PHP Email System
  • SMTP Email System - Sending Email Using SMTP Support
  • Email Verification - User Registration Confirmation by Email Verification
  • Understanding about Web Services and API
  • SMS Gateway Integration - Sending SMS using SMS Gateway API

Day Thirty-Seven / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Making a Full Featured Login and Registration System
  • Creating a Password Recovery Page
  • Creating User Account/Profiling System

Day Thirty-Eight / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Creating Online Store
  • Creating a Shopping Cart
  • Integrating Payment Gateway (PayPal as International and SSLCommerz as Local)

Day Thirty-Nine / Working Advanced with PHP

  • Making an Admin Panel with Admin and Sales-Staff/Accounts-Staff etc Access Level
  • Making an Admin Page to manage Order List and Invoice List
  • Making an Admin Page for managing User Accounts

Day Forty/ Working with .HTAccess

  • Basics on .htaccess
  • Introduction - Where to put and how to write codes in htaccess
  • Default and Error Page - How to create Default and Error Page
  • Directory and IP Restriction - How to protect site from visitors
  • Directory Restriction with HTAccess
  • Other Directory Security with HTAccess
  • Bandwidth Usage Optimization with HTAccess

Day Forty-One/ Uploading and Deploying a Project on Live Server

  • How and where to Buy a Domain and Hosting online
  • How to Setup DNS and Domain
  • How to Configure cPanel
  • How to Setup and Configure Database
  • How to Upload and Configure a Web Project

Day Forty-Two/ Know details about Freelancing and Outsourcing

  • How to create oDesk/Freelancer Accounts
  • How to make a 100% Perfect Profile for Freelancing Job
  • Which exams should a person attain to Highlight his Freelancer Portfolio
  • How to receive a job and its Requirements, and start working with it
  • How to Deliver the job and receive Payment
  • What are the scopes of National Level Job Market in Web Technology Sector
  • Some more Tips and Tricks about Web Technology Career

MODULE 9 - A Professional E-Commerce Project

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development

MODULE 10 - Laravel Framework

  • Introduction to Laravel
  • Laravel Installation
  • Connecting MySQL
  • Laravel CRUD Operation
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Md Imtiaj Ahmed Milon

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