Post Graduate Diploma in Graphics, Editing & Animation

Post Graduate Diploma in Graphics, Editing & Animation

A post-graduation diploma certification course is more valuable comparing a master’s degree. For taking post-graduation degree certification you don’t have to be graduated or any specialized certified. A post-graduate certification may obtain who is interested to take his certification for academic and professional excellence.

This Course is Graphics, Editing & Animation Guaranteed job placement training is one the best option for those who is interested in their future career in real-world design opportunities. PeopleNTech is accredited with IGlobal University, USA for providing Postgraduate training and certification in different courses Graphics, Editing & Animation (GEA) is one of them. This certificate will be given from the USA and the total training will be maintained according to US Standard.

This Postgraduate Diploma will not only help you to acquire new skills but also will create skilled human resources in the market.

Why this Course:

Degree from IGlobal University, USA

This certificate is eligible for getting a professional master’s degree in the university

Most Updated course module and Topics

Highly Experienced Mentors

Guaranteed Job Placement Facility

Anybody from Any Subjects Can do this course

Who Can attend?

Anybody who has Higher Secondary Certificate with basic computer knowledge

Course Information:

Certification Name: Post Graduate Diploma in Graphics, Editing & Animation

Days: Sun/Tues/Thurs

Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Duration: 360 Hours and 120 Classes

Drawing & Illustration

Adobe Illustrator CC

Total 40 Hours

Photo Editing and Texturing

Adobe Photoshop CC

Total 40 Hours

Fundamentals Of 2D Animation & Interactivity

Adobe Animate CC

Total 40 Hours

Digital Video Editing & Audio Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Total 40 Hours

3D Modelling, Texturing and Animation

3D Studio Max

Total 120 Hours

Post Production & Composition

Adobe After Effects CC

Total 40 Hours 

Practical Project and Portfolio Development & Freelancing

This subject will cover Practical Project and Portfolio Development & Freelancing

Total 20 Hours