For the education of Bangladeshi students

For the education of Bangladeshi students

Published Date : 05-04-2018

Founder and CEO of PeopleNTech, Abu Bakar Hanip, announced this in a news briefing on Sunday in New York. At that time, the organization's president, Farhana Hanip and senior officials were also present.

Under this educated declaration, more than 250 students from the People's Tea Institute will be provided free or at low cost technical training. Software testing through this project (50 in UFT / Mobile Automation, Software testing-50 in Selenium, Software testing with DevOps (AWS, AZURE), 50. Front End Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS) 50 and database management will make 50 students suitable for US technology workforce. The regular course fee of People's Entech is $ 4,000, but scholarships are available in the fields. Abubakar Hanif said that this fee will be totally waived.

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4 years of the US technology labor market, it has claimed that it has provided employment to about 5,000 students at a press conference, at least 4 thousand are of Bangladeshi origin. It is informed by the verdict that, in the next year, the appropriate Bangladesh Under this facility, students will be able to take advantage of high-paying jobs in mainstream technology work-market in USA and Canada, without any cost or at low cost.


At the press conference, in addition to 6 campuses in the United States and Canada, 20 thousand of People and Tech A huge new campus of Squarefoot has been opened. Students from Dhaka campus can also take higher education in technology. There are similar courses in American curriculum being taught online. It is also informed that interested people can receive training from there. After the training, students will be able to earn up to 80,000 to 200,000 dollars per year, subject to the entry.

Abu Bakr Hanif said that in the last few years, more than five thousand young people are required to pay high tech jobs in the mainstream technology sector of the United States with the help of Pipel En Tech. The majority of those who are of Bangladeshi descent. The company has already started a campus in Dhaka, and from there, a large number of students have got the opportunity to work at attractive companies in the US.

She said that People's Entech regularly offers scholarships to meritorious students. In this continuation, the announcement of the largest number of scholarships of the organization has been announced to allow more and more Bangladeshi students to work in the vast and big business of American and Canadian technology. This facility will be provided in different categories according to the merit-wise examination. He said that the Bangladeshi people living in the United States or Canada, even the eligible candidates in Bangladesh, can also take advantage of this facility in a prescribed manner. [1 9659003] A student named Zahidul Islam at the press conference said that he took the training of People's Entech from Bangladesh. After coming to America, he entered the marketplace. He is working around $ 80,000 a year in salary. Jahidul Islam said that if someone is not admitted, only one person will not be given job guarantee, but working hard, I have started to believe that the life of education can be changed.

Prior to this, Organize the largest scholarship for a specific period of time. "Our main objective is to develop Bangladeshi youths in education and skill making them one day they can grab the North American technology market," said Abu Bakar Hanif, an engineer at the press conference.

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