Engr Abubokor hanip a Magic Man - Foreign Minister:PeopleNTech
Engr Abubokor hanip a Magic Man - Foreign Minister

Engr Abubokor hanip a Magic Man - Foreign Minister

Published Date : 11-04-2019

Engr. Abubokor Hanip, Founder & CEO of PeopleNTech is one of the incredible symbol in IT area who plans to create Bangladeshi adolescents in education and ability making them one day they can get the North American technology advertise. Through his constant exertion, the organization has given work to around 6,000 students, no less than 4 thousand are of Bangladeshi origin. PeopleNTech consistently offers grants to commendable students. In this continuation, the declaration of the biggest number of scholarship of the association has been reported to enable an ever increasing number of Bangladeshi students to work in the immense and enormous business of American and Canadian technology.

Recently, Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen has inaugurated PeopleNTech Astoria campus in New York and conveyed the gratitude of Government of Bangladesh for the humanitarian assistance provided by PeopleNTech. In the opening session of the new branch of PeopleNTech, he showed satisfaction by expressing his overwhelm and gratitude towards PeopleNTech authorities for creating a hands on training for people who are dedicated to learn. He is very impressed to see such event taken by Abubokor Hanip that allows students or people with limited knowledge can eventually make a handsome salary with a particular skillset. The minister also greatly appreciate every plan, orientation, steps taken sector, management. Regardless his observation, the minister is very aware of the Abubokor Hanip’s contribution towards creating mass skilled people and providing job opportunities. As such The Minister has declared Engr. Abubokor hanip a Magic Man for providing job more than 6000 jobs to underpaid job holders. Students also will be able to take advantage of high-paying jobs in mainstream technology work-market in USA without any cost or at low cost.

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