Published Date : 05-09-2019

The next Southeast Chapter, a social organization in Washington DC and Virginia, have honored two American women personalities for their special contribution to education and socio-economic women empowerment. 


On the Fund Rising Concert at the Lee Kauffman Auditorium in Alexandria, Virginia, on Saturday (August 28th), the president of the Southeast Chapter Afsan Khan, handed over the honor to Sharmin Ahmad Ripi, the eldest daughter of the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh Tajuddin Ahmed and Farhana Hanip, president of People's Tech, the largest Bangladeshi-owned IT education company in the United States and the woman entrepreneur.


Among others who spoke on the occasion included Afsan Khan, president of the Southeast Chapter, one of the founders and advisor of the organization, former president Mostafizur Rahman Parvez, marketing director Farhana Zaman Mou and honorable women personalities Sharmin Ahmed Ripani and Fahman Ahmad Ripi. The founder of People N Tech, CEO Engineer Abu bakar Hanip was present on the occasion as well.


 Fuad and Friends, Cronez and Anila Naz Chowdhury performed the music at the Fund Rising Concert. The media partner of the event was NRB Connect TV.


 Educationist Sharmin Ahmed is the eldest daughter of the Former Prime Minister of Bangladesh, late Tajuddin Ahmed, and the Former leader of the Bangladesh Awami League, the late Johra Tajuddin. She has been living in the United States for 5 years. He has been a consultant at various institutes and organizations on human rights and women's empowerment for nearly two decades. The book 'Tajuddin Ahmed Leader and Father', written in the 27th with the contribution of Tajuddin Ahmed in the history of the liberation war of Bangladesh, has received praise in various places.


Farhana Hanip has set a unique example of women’s empowerment in the United States.Farhana Hanip, president of People-Tech, the largest IT-educational institution owned by Bangladesh, has a special role in social empowerment by establishing women in the workplace. 


Her biggest contribution is that she has provided about 4,000 women in the United States with advanced employment in the field of IT through the Female in IT or FIT project under the PeopleNTech Foundation. Her husband, Engineer Abu bakar Hanip is the founder of PeopleNTech. People N Tech has trained about 5,000 people in the IT field so far, providing them with advanced paid jobs, most of whom had previously worked in America. Presently they are working for a salary of $ 8,000 to $ 200,000.


 It may be referenced that Agami (Next) continues to play a role in educating the underprivileged children of Bangladesh. 


The association made its debut in California in the 21st. There are currently four chapters in the United States. They are the next California Chapter, founded in 2003, the next Northeast Chapter in New York in 2012, the next Southeast Chapter established in 2004D.C. and Virginia, and the next Carolina Chapter, established at 2015. The three founders of the organization are Babu Rahman, Mahmudul Hasan from California and Sabir Majumder of North Carolina.


There are more than 200 volunteers in these four chapters. They have helped 12,000 disadvantaged children in 30 schools in the country through the next Bangladesh Foundation.