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Amit Das

Amit Das

Sr. Faculty

Amit Das
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Intend to work in the field of Data Science and Big Data Analytics where strong sense of responsibility and commitment is required; as well, the job scope provides potential avenues for learning, growing and achieving the success for a better career path. Hands on experience in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Data Clustering Techniques, Regression Analysis, Web Design, Data Visualization, Mobile application, Digital Systems and Solution using OOP, RDBMS, Robotics. Strong experience of programing and database operation in Python, PHP, Oracle, MySQL, Teradata, PL/SQL, R, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, Node JS, JAVA, C#, C++, GO, Prolog and developing robots with Arduino, Raspberry pi, microcontroller, motor, sensors, etc.Hands on experience in different framework, libraries and tools. Like Apache Spark, Hive, TensorFlow, Facebook Prophet, D3, scikit-learn, Pandas, Laravel, HighChart, keras, Theano, MATLAB, Weka, Wolfram Mathematica, etc. Fair knowledge on Server side scripting and Cloud Computing. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

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