Peoplentech is just one of the leading online courses as well as an IT institute in Bangladesh. Our objective is to provide high-quality training programs to make individuals competent and self-dependent. All of our programs, as well as its educational program designed based upon the regional and also digital work market like Freelancing Marketplace. We are figured out to preserve the top quality as well as the requirements of our training programs and other associated services.

The increasing value of time and the development of technical capabilities make online training in Bangladesh more and more popular and accessible. About whether it is possible to get a quality education without leaving home – in our exclusive online training in Bangladesh Project. Although the educated youth of the village are interested in freelancing, they are not able to get proper training due to a lack of skilled and experienced trainers and are not able to get rid of unemployment. Peoplentech is providing freelancing training to young people across the country using quality training centers across the country through their skilled and experienced trainers. Those who do not have the internet or computer at home can take part in our training through these online courses. Anyone can start earning money online by taking part in any of the 25 popular courses in freelancing.

In the last six years, Peoplentech has trained more than 12,000 students. Most of them are currently self-employed, working on various freelancing sites. With all the reputed and experienced teachers of the country, it has become one of the top institutions in the country in a short time. This time Peoplentech has launched 3 to 5 month long freelancing courses across the country. Admission to the course can be made at a very low cost; if the course is completed successfully, there are job opportunities.

If you have an internet connection and computer, you can do the courses from any part of the country at home. When the instructor takes the class, the computer monitor will be shown to the students on the computer, and any questions can be asked directly through the microphone or the chat. At the end of each class, there is a model test, submission of assignment, and if any class is missed, the video record of that class will be provided.
Training will be given on Digital marketing, web and graphics design, WordPress, SEO, e-mail marketing, and DOT NET. Students will also have the opportunity to watch free video tutorials through various e-books and pen drives or from the website. After doing the course here, the meritorious students will get the chance to work in this organization if they want.

Why is online Training in Bangladesh essential?

Freelance-outsourcing is an independent profession that is popular in the world today.
Different organizations do different kinds of work through the internet. Outsourcing is the act of doing these things with someone other than your own organization. Those who do outsourcing work are called freelancers. A freelancer means a free or independent professional. Looking for outsourcing work, the person who does the job on the site is called the contractor. And the one who works on a contract is named a buyer/employer.

Most of the work in the whole world is going on in the virtual genre. Communicating with each other while sitting at home, doing various jobs, including sitting at home, are now being done sitting at home. Not only sitting at home but also office court work is now entering the virtual world to a large extent. In addition to increasing the quality and speed of work, it has become a little more comfortable and comfortable. And young people are getting a little more interested in this virtual system. Various companies are offering their work online on a contract basis. By doing this, he can achieve his desired job in a short time at a low cost. This outsourcing has become quite popular all over the world in a short time. The popularity of online training in Bangladesh is also very high.

Many people in Bangladesh are now outsourcing online. Some people are also doing this outsourcing work at home after office hours. In the context of Bangladesh, it is possible to earn more than the salary of an excellent job by outsourcing. Prosperity is increasing in this sector; interest in work is increasing, competition for quality of work is also growing. And so at this point, zif asked what the means to navigate the global job market in a very short time is, then the answer would be outsourcing.

Where to learn online courses in Bangladesh?

‘Peoplentech’ is working to create employment in the freelancing sector. Through this, anyone from any part of the country will be able to acquire skills online and will be able to use this skill to do freelancing. Each of their courses is conducted through skilled mentors. Special benefits include 24 hours of online service, freelancing support, English communication, soft-skill support, full marketplace oriented project-based. Learning and experienced trainers. Peoplentech offers two types of courses. One is online, and the other is offline. Offline courses include Graphics Design, Web Design, WordPress for All, Android App Development, Digital Marketing, & Others. Online courses, on the other hand, include Graphics Design, Responsive Web Design, WordPress, and Graphic-Web Design Combo.

Want to take an online course at home? Digital Marketing, Graphics design, web development, and many other useful courses can now be done online from home. All you need is willpower, mental strength, patience, hard work, not giving up. Once you learn it by our online Training in Bangladesh, you can earn a smart amount of money per month. Especially online training is excellent for girls.

Why we are the best online training institute in Bangladesh?

We have a team of skilled mentors who are themselves skilled freelancers of the online marketplace. All these mentors are continually striving to make a student a skilled freelancer through IT skill development. Everyone will learn that two teams work in each course. The first team works only with core skills, and the second team works with soft skills training. When the first team works with core skills, a student has to do a lot of assignments and classwork that are outsourced by different clients from different online marketplaces. This allows a student to understand during the course what kind of work he will have to do in the future as a freelancer. And when the second team works on a student’s soft skills, that student speaks English, writing English, bidding strategy, creating cover letters, creating portfolios, creating profiles in marketplaces, and so on. At the end of all this, a student will get two benefits as long as he wants. One is online support, and the other is guidelines.

Our skilled online support team is constantly providing this facility to our students. When a student starts freelancing work at the end of his course in a marketplace, then he faces various problems. And our support team always solves all these problems with him.

Since our primary goal is to create skilled freelancers for different online marketplaces, they are continually researching different marketplaces. When the security system of a marketplace is changing, when new rules are being added, how to deal with the client, they are constantly working in the interest of the students.

So far, we have taken online training in Bangladesh here of 12000+ students, most of whom are now doing freelancing work efficiently in various online marketplaces. Those now have a monthly income of more than ড 400. And this success has only been possible through the smooth running of online courses.

In conclusion, to build IT-skilled human resources, every citizen, starting from the government of that country, has to come forward and be more enterprising. If we look at the developed world, we can see that online education is much more abundant in those countries. Since time is of the essence in today’s world, there is no substitute for online training to make the most of this precious time.

Method of Our online Training:

Our online training in Bangladesh will be provided through audio-video sharing via Go-opener, Skype, and screen sharing through Zoom. Necessary lecture sheets, e-books, and video tutorials will also be provided before the start of each class.

Here are some of the benefits of taking this course:

  • A skilled teacher for the students.
  • Skype Team Viewer and phone communication with the teacher.
  • Provide free lecture sheets, e-books, video tutorials.
  • Time management as desired for employees.
  • Get a Certificate at the end of the course
  • You can pay the course fee through installment.
  • Paid internship opportunity as a Partner of Peoplentech IT’s On-Going Project after completing the course.
  • Tips for completing the Upwork profile and applying to work.
  • Secret Tips for Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and Power Tips to work on 99 designs in the meantime various group projects based on real projects, Etc
  • Lifetime Support

Our online Training Courses :

From our Online Training in Bangladesh Learn practical work:
Our team believes that there is no alternative to sensible work experience. Our online training in Bangladesh courses, offering you the opportunity to learn with practical work. To make our students virtually experienced, we offer adequate research and assignment, which enable them to practice consistently.

After successfully total this research and also a job, our trainers examine them exceptionally thoroughly and offer marks. These marks for the useful job (research as well as a task) establish the worth of the Certificate of Conclusion.

What can be done in online outsourcing freelancing?
An online freelancing marketplace has been created for almost all types of work that can be done on a computer. Jobs available in these marketplaces include Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Internet Marketing, Presentation, Multimedia, Software Development, Illustration, Cartoon, Painting, Scalping, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Public Relations, Engineer, Networking, Hardware Development, Legal Services, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Photography, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management Implementation, Programming, Database, writing, editing, translation, telemarketing, Strategy Consulting, videography, documentary, finance and accounting, broadcasting, video editing, music, etc. made. These professions are significant occupations in online outsourcing. A lot of work on these professions is available online.