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What are the benefits you will get from PeopleNTech?

Our responsibility is not limited to training. Not just classes, PeopleNTech Institute of IT is always ready for any need of the students, anytime. We believe, this special facility of ours makes our students unique from any other competitors.


Industry Focused Live Course

Every piece of our content is developed in collaboration with leading industry experts, ensuring direct support, guidance, and feedback. By participating in industry-centric live courses, our goal is to cultivate professionalism and expertise among our students in their chosen field of study.


Job and internship opportunities

Over the past 14 years, our recruitment team has consistently achieved impressive job placement results for our students. Currently, the PeopleNTech job placement team in Bangladesh is actively assisting students in securing positions at major companies in the country.


Lifetime Support

At the conclusion of the course, we offer lifelong support to our trainees. They can engage in real-time chat with our online team or visit our institution for assistance whenever needed.


Support for freelance work

We offer comprehensive guidance and assistance to trainees interested in pursuing freelance opportunities post-course completion. Students can access support directly from the institution at any time for their needs.


Career and Interview Preparation

Our trainees will get direct support for your CV, LinkedIn profile, GitHub profile and job interview at the end of the course.


Guidance directly from mentors

If any issues arise during the course, solutions are available from our seasoned mentors solely during designated support hours.


Projects and Assignments

Do practice projects with what you are learning, hone your skills. Market standard practical projects and assignments will be done, which you can add to your portfolio.


24/7 online support

Basically, we provide 24/7 online support considering the convenience of our students and those who have started freelancing or new jobs in various sectors after receiving training from us.


Opportunity to practice in the lab

We have separate labs so that your regular practice is not interrupted during the course. You can practice your work anytime, as long as you want in the lab.


Career Advancement Program

The Career Advancement Program is intended to maintain the relationship of the students with PeopleTech Institute of IT not only during the course but also after the course under close supervision to reach the specific goals.


Verified Certificate

At the end of the course you will be graded on your performance. Accordingly you will get certificate from PeopleTech Institute of IT.


Recorded Class video

Many times students do not understand some topics in the class, for them there is the benefit of class videos. So now students can take class with peace of mind. You can solve your problem yourself by watching the video of any difficulty.

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